Sunday, 24 July 2011

And another! 12:38

I was browsing online and on google images and that was when I found the original picture  of the above and looked quite complicated. Obviously a copy is never the same as the original but I thought I'd challenged myself. What do you guys think? Be honest please! :) x

One of my first pieces .. 12:17am

Hey Guys! This is one of my first drawings I've done; Jessie J (well my attempt anyway) Please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear everyone's views. Also, if you have any requests let me know either through my blog NicNics Squiggle Studio or through my Twitter account @Starcole. I look forward to seeing any requests or views from you all, Thanks! :) x

24/07/2011 10:07am

Just joined blogger today so it'll probably take some getting used to. Basically, I set myself up a blog for my drawings. I enjoy copying pictures e.g. of celebrities, animals etc and I sometimes design new ideas. I try to draw one drawing in 2-3 days. Any I draw, I'll upload to my blog and I hope you like them :)